Slender Wonder

26th Apr 2018

Slender Wonder is not a weight loss programme for people who need to lose a few kilograms to fit back into the little black number. It is a medical weight loss program for people with health issues because they are overweight. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are all linked to being overweight. When patients lose the excess weight they often reduce the amount of medication they need to take and in some cases cease the use of medications altogether. The program’s cornerstone is a hormone injection that stimulates the breakdown of fat if used in conjunction with a strict diet. The Leptin levels are raised and weight loss is permanent if the programme is followed to its completion. The weight loss is also rapid and it is not uncommon for patients to lose 8-10kg monthly.

The perception that Slender Wonder is an expensive program to follow is not completely true. One must consider the following:

While on the program very limited inexpensive foods are eaten.

No alcohol and snacks are consumed

The program includes 30 breakfast shakes and all the basic supplements needed

The program leads to better health and one saves on medication and medical expenses.

This is a safe and permanent weight loss program if followed correctly

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