Cryo Pen

Cryotheraphy is the golden standard for the treatment of warts and cosmetic lesions. The tradition is treatment with cotton swab and liquid nitrogen:

  • Cotton buds never will fit well to the form and size of the lesion. The inclusion of healthy tissue will result in pain and blisters.
  • Repeat visits are necessary in many occasions because the pain caused during the treatment will hinder a penetration deep enough
  • This is how the innovative CryoPen will help you to better control the parameters that will lead to a better quality treatment:

  • When treatment of healthy tissue around the lesion can be avoided, there will be no pain during the treatment
  • The CyroPen is accurate to the millimeter. Patients will allow longer and deeper freezes for more effective results
  • The adequate freezing temperature at -89 C will ensure that the bottom of the lesion can be reached quickly which is the key criteria for effective cyrotheraphy treatment.
  • CyroPen brings unique control of depth unique control of depth of treatment by the patient's feedback on the pain signal when the bottom of the lesion is reached. This is the moment to stop treatment.

  • Improve results and better quality of treatment of actinic & seborrhic keratosis, skin tags, genital warts , solar lentigo, hemangioma and fibroma's and more will nicely fit to the daily schedule in your clinic.